Saturday, August 30, 2008

So much new stuff

Aidan has finally started signing some. He signs eat, ball, cold(though I don't think he understands this one), and baby(not sure if he gets this one of not). It is great to see him finally connecting things together.

Aidan is now also getting tooth number 2 and 3 in. Although he is also grinding them together which I hate the sound of. Hopefully he stops doing that very soon.

Aidan is finally walking while holding onto my hand, but when I let go he will not go any more. He is still very unsure of it but I expect him to be walking by 15 mths. That gives him a month and a half to get a little more confidence.

He is also stacking blocks(and putting them back in the bucket). I love seeing him connect everything together and try to copy me. He also will pick up toys occasionally and throw them in the toy bucket, although he usually prefers to throw them out of the bucket :)

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