Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Oh my God"

This is Aidan's newest phrase. I know it isn't PC or anything, but I can't help but love it! And as you notice, his little brother picked it up too.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Aidan's language sample

Thought I would get a quick sample of a sample of Aidan's language. We were working on B sounds that day.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Aidans school evalutation, official report

We received it in the mail today and it outlines how Aidan scored on different sections of the DAYC test.

-Physical Development-Scored at 37%, age equivilant of 30 months.
-Cognitive-passed all skills in the 24 mth age range, scattered skills in the 26 mth age range. Scored at 16%, age equivalent at 26 months.
-Communication-passed 73% of skills presented in 24 mth age range. Unable to understand possessives, carry out 2 step unrelated commands, understand big ane little, produce intelligible speech utterances, or consistently combine 2 or more words in speech(he does this with me a lot though). Scored at 6% or age equivalent of 21 months.
-Social-emotional-passed all skills in the 24 mth age range with the exception of enjoying simple make believe and saying please/thank you(which he does do a lot now). Scattered skills in the 36 mth range. Scored at 14%, age equivalent of 23 months.
-Adaptive Behaviour-Passed all skills in the 24 mth range. Ini the 26 mth age range he does not manipulate large buttons/snaps or tell someone about toileting needs. Score wa
s 37%, age equivalent of 31 months.

Overall he scored 85 on a scale of 115

Reading through the IEP, I love what they have decided as his goals. They are consistent with what we are trying to work on. They have him receiving preferential seating, meaning as close to the teacher as possible as well as use of an FM is needed, which we do not plan to use in preschool since it is a small class size and lots of circle time type of activities. Not sure how much speech a week they are offering at this time, will probably find that out at the IEP conference.

However, at this time, we are not 100% sure we are sending him to school. The evaluation coordinator thinks that this is NOT the best placement for him. She has evaluated most of the other kids that will be in the class and thinks that he will not be able to get the peer models for language here b/c of the other children's severity of delays. If he does go it will probably be 2 days a week. I'm currently looking into a church preschool that is 830-12, 4 days a week and then the school can send speech therapists out to work with him. Once we talk the everyone at the IEP conference, we may have a better feeling for the school and decide to send him. Or we may not.

Now, regarding the tests-he seems to be right on track for his language. He was activated(right ear only) in September 2008, so he is 21 mths hearing now. So that seems good to me that his hearing is right on target with his language development.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Great strides

Aidan amazes me everyday with what he is able to say. He is doing many 2-3 word phrases but they need quite a bit of work to get him understood by others that don't know him.

Apparantly that "b" that I thought was lost is not really lost. It came back the same day I posted about it being gone. Yea, he showed me!

We had the school meeting and they did an evaluation on him, which he ranked 77 and the cutoff is 77.5, so he barely qualified! I don't remember exactly what his scores were but if I remember correctly, his language was right on target(or close to) his hearing age, which is 21 months(for the right ear).

2 semi recent videos:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Met Aidan's new audiologist

We no longer have to go to New Orleans(6 hour drive) for audiology appts! We are now driving to Shreveport, only an hour away. The audiologist was very nice and was happy with how much Aidan was talking, said he was doing wonderfully! He was put in the booth and responded as low as 20 decibels with both ears on, 25 decibels with just the right ear(his first implanted ear), and 35 decibels with just the left ear. He got his left ear remapped and we left the right ear alone. However they noticed something is up with 2 electrodes on the right side during the NRT(neural response telemetry). Basically during the NRT an electrical signal is sent to the electrode(the internal part of the implant) and the activity of the hearing fibers are recorded onto the computer.

Not sure exactly what is going on, but we go back in July and will see a Cochlear rep that will be there so we can figure out what it is. It's possible it is nothing but it could also be a bony growth there preventing it from stimulating the nerve. If that is the case then they will turn off that electrode and add that specific frequency to another electrode, so he will not lose any hearing that he has.