Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer 2011

Aidan has made huge stride in just the last 2 months! He has been doing summer school with his preschool-same teacher but different speech therapist. They have been doing the LiPS program and we have seen a lot of success with it. Hoping his regular speech therapist will continue with it b/c he is now finally sounding out a ton more sounds-especially "S" in the middle/ending of words and tons of other sounds. His last week of summer school will be this Thursday(7/28) and then he will have a nice nearly month long break until he starts in the prek4 class-mainstream finally! We have requested that my nephew(just 6 mths older than Aidan) be placed in the same class with Aidan to hopefully help Aidan come out of his shy shell. So hopefully that placement will happen and hopefully Aidan doesn't wait until the end of the year to talk to his teacher!

A video from a few days ago!