Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aidan has been in prek4 now since the end of August. So over 3 months. He has done very well and has tons of friends. He is having no trouble keeping up with the other kids and is learning tons. He can even do all of his letter sounds.

Video from today(12/7/11)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer 2011

Aidan has made huge stride in just the last 2 months! He has been doing summer school with his preschool-same teacher but different speech therapist. They have been doing the LiPS program and we have seen a lot of success with it. Hoping his regular speech therapist will continue with it b/c he is now finally sounding out a ton more sounds-especially "S" in the middle/ending of words and tons of other sounds. His last week of summer school will be this Thursday(7/28) and then he will have a nice nearly month long break until he starts in the prek4 class-mainstream finally! We have requested that my nephew(just 6 mths older than Aidan) be placed in the same class with Aidan to hopefully help Aidan come out of his shy shell. So hopefully that placement will happen and hopefully Aidan doesn't wait until the end of the year to talk to his teacher!

A video from a few days ago!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New changes with Spring

We have had many many changes come with this Spring. Aidan has been doing very well. He seems to know everything I say unless it is a new word-which is normal for all kids. We have been focusing on his articulation a lot more since that is lower than where it needs to be. Aidan has finally fully potty trained. No more pooping in a pullup. It has been 2 weeks and he hasn't had an accident since! Very happy about that. Aidan got a new set of tubes on Wednesday(4/13) since he has had so many ear infections and lost his first set of tubes. Here's to hoping no more ear infections for him.

Aidan is really liking school as well. He is now counting up to 30(with a little help with a few numbers). He still knows all of his shapes and letters. He also knows that he is going to be 4 on his next birthday. Whenever we pick Alex up at school--the duty teacher always calls ALEX WEAVER. So Aidan and Andrew have both picked that up and are now calling themselves by their full name as well as me by "mommy weaver" and Edward by "daddy weaver."

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Haven't had a ton of time to update as we stay so busy during the school year. We have already had 3 "snow" days although none of the snow came here, bummer! Aidan has been doing really well, language is growing all the time. He is starting to use different parts of language more frequently, such as "I want "it", I want "some" and other similar phrases. He is also using where and what a lot more however we haven't see who, when, nor why yet. I am thinking I may need to devise some type of game to work on these, thinking guess who make be good for "who". We are starting to work on articulation in therapy more and at home. He still has a lot of trouble getting beginning consonant sounds on most words. His "dog" sounds like "ahhh", he had an end placement but it isn't a g. So we are trying to traget these words. He is fairly good at getting the correct medial sound, it is just the beginning and ending he has trouble with. He had a mapping a few weeks ago and they tweaked his high frequency sounds in hopes that will help him get those ending sounds. I think his oral motor issues still play a part in him forming many sounds. For the most part, he can NOT get the C, D, F, G, J, K, L, P(at times), R(at times), S, T, V, Z sounds in the frontal position.

We are working on "verb tense" and he seems to have the ING sounds down(runnin-without that final G sound) and are working on past tenses "I ran", but mainly concentrating on getting him getting the beginning/ending sounds down. He is still behind in his language but I don't stress it, he will catch up eventually. I do worry I don't spend enough time working with him on a daily basis--we just do our daily life and I try to sit down with him for 20-30 mins a day but that can be hard. Looking forward to summer when we aren't doing school, therapy, karate, baseball, and everything else. Should make it easier to get plenty of language targeting activities.
And here is a recent picture of Aidan, no longer a little baby.