Saturday, August 2, 2008

Learning many new things

Aidan has been learning a lot of new things lately. He finally figured out how to drop the balls into his ball toy, he also picks up toys and puts them back in the toy bucket :) Of course he still enjoys throwing them out more. He has finally gotten his first tooth at 12.5 mths old, YAY! Now if only he would get some more. Edward is taking him down to New Orleans tommorow for a checkup. Kind of sucks b/c he will have to drive there tommorow night after working 6 hours, it is a 6 hr drive, so they won't get there until 11pm at the earliest. The appt is at 1:15pm and will most likely only take 20 mins tops--I believe they just want to make sure the incision is healing like it is supposed to, which it looks great to me, I'll try to get a picture when he wakes up.

Alex and I made cookies today, thay boy is loving to cook. He doesn't like to eat though, weird little boy. Aidan ate his cookie and enjoyed every minute of it. A few pictures to document his first chocolate chip cookie.



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