Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Final Decision Regarding School

This decision has been heavy on our minds for months. We would make a decision and then change our minds b/c it didn't feel right.

As of now, Aidan is going to go to public school 2 days a week-hopefully Mon and Fri from 8-220. Tue, Wed, and Thurs he will be home with me. We are going to put Andrew in Mom's Day Out Tue, Wed, and Thurs so that Aidan will get some quality alone time with me and I can teach him better without Andrew here. And then Andrew will get the alone time with me when Aidan is at school. Works out perfectly!

The only issue is that the public preschool he will be in is a self contained class-only special needs kids, several autistic and then some other children that I am not sure what their issues are. Hoping he doesn't pick up any behaviors. As long as we see him progressing in the environment and excelling with not too many issues, then we will continue. Otherwise we will pull him out and he can stay with me full time.

I have thought about him needing time with neurotypical children, not just the atypical kids. But he will have his brothers, his cousins he sees a few times a month and then since I will only have 1 kid with me at a time, we will do story time at the library and maybe the mom's group.

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H2 said...

Good luck with this Cassie. I can't imagine the back and forth between your choices. Keep us posted.