Tuesday, August 10, 2010

He understands me!

The last few weeks I have noticed that I have been getting less and less "what the heck?" looks from Aidan.
I tell him:
"get your shoes" and he does it
"turn the tv off" and he does it
"do you want icecream?" and he answers me
"stand by the door" and he does it.

I could easily go on and on but I think about 90-95% of all things I tell him, he understands. Now, all of this is familiar, everyday language that we use in our home as well as when we are out and about.

New language he seems to be picking up easily as well. Still working on him asking questions and initiating conversation. Consonants are still hard for him-he is still at the same ones, b, d, h, w, m in the initial position and then he can also get r, n, p, t in the medial position. He has managed to get an f sound in the initial position a few times but it is rare.

He seems to be in a screaming mood lately, which is especially grating as his voice is inredibly shrill. So we have been working on him requesting help when he needs it instead of screaming for attention. He also screams whenhis brothers are messing with him, like sitting on him or taking away his toys. Working on him verbalizing what he wants, as in "give that back", "get off me" etc.

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