Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Met Aidan's new audiologist

We no longer have to go to New Orleans(6 hour drive) for audiology appts! We are now driving to Shreveport, only an hour away. The audiologist was very nice and was happy with how much Aidan was talking, said he was doing wonderfully! He was put in the booth and responded as low as 20 decibels with both ears on, 25 decibels with just the right ear(his first implanted ear), and 35 decibels with just the left ear. He got his left ear remapped and we left the right ear alone. However they noticed something is up with 2 electrodes on the right side during the NRT(neural response telemetry). Basically during the NRT an electrical signal is sent to the electrode(the internal part of the implant) and the activity of the hearing fibers are recorded onto the computer.

Not sure exactly what is going on, but we go back in July and will see a Cochlear rep that will be there so we can figure out what it is. It's possible it is nothing but it could also be a bony growth there preventing it from stimulating the nerve. If that is the case then they will turn off that electrode and add that specific frequency to another electrode, so he will not lose any hearing that he has.

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