Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aidan is now in Mom's Day Out

We have signed Aidan up for Mom's Day Out at a local church so that he can get a little bit of interaction with other children and adults, and so I can get a break. It's exhausting being "on" all of the time for him, but well worth it!

I finally got him to wear the earmolds that I had fitted for him. They certainly help keep the implants on his head and we have even gotten rid of the babyworn setup!

We go for his genetic evaluation on May 13th, just 3 weeks away!

In language news, he is coming along very well. He managed to get the "s" sound--he actually said "ice", "rass" for grass, and "airplanes", it was awesome! He doesn't do it all the time with every word, but he will do it sometimes. It also appears that we have lost the "b" and "d" sounds. I've noticed a few weeks back that he rarely says those sounds. We had them in the form of dada and baba and were working on getting them for other words, like ball, dog, etc which he had managed to do a few times. However, I guess we focused on something else--who knows what exactly it was as I try to put a specific focus on some part of speech/letter sound each week and then work on the other things as well but not as hard. Anyway, I guess in focusing on these other parts, I forgot to add the "d" and "b" back in and now he won't/can't say them. Going to focus on that this week and see if he can get them back in there! My end goal is to try and get him to get "My Ball" so to get 2 different consonants in a phrase together. right now it is more "ma ahl" so I guess more of an approximation than it a correct word phrase. Hoping by the end of the summer he is more understandable by others as I understand most of what he says but his father as well as most others do not.

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