Friday, March 12, 2010


So glad we are heading into Spring! We have some beautiful weather, although a bit rainy, but the kids are loving being able to get outside more and it gives more opportunities for some more informal speech opportunities.

What we have been working on:
-Aidan has learned most of the basic shapes-triangle, oval, circle, square, star, heart, and rectangle. Have started more complicated shapes--although not very much as we really need to get a puzzle with these shapes--he loves doing his puzzles!
-Numbers-he is understanding the concept of numbers and will count out all kinds of things. Most of the time he can recognize the numbers 1-5 and they do not have to be in order, so it isn't just from memorizing that it is 1, 2, 3, 4 and then 5. I think he also knows a few others up to 10, but it is inconsistent. He will repeat any number after I say it, still doesn't say it clearly, but once he gets more consonants, I think that will really help with others understanding him.
-Colors--we are working on teaching colors and he knows the different names of the colors and can match correctly 2-3 of them. Sometimes he can do 6 , sometimes not.
-Letters-He knows several letters--I know that he knows at least 10-15, but he usually gets bored by the time we get through about 12-15 of them so it is hard to guage if he knows more or not.
-Possession--we are working on this. We've been focusing hard on this--for example "this is Aidan's shoe, this is mommy's shoe" and other similar things. He seems to have this down fairly well and we are now adding in "yours and mine" I think he has "mine" down he just forgets to use it :)
-Adjectives--we have been working on this for a while, but he seems to have trouble with this. Big, little, short, tall, etc. ALthough I do forget to work on this quite often, so he may pick it up if I put some intense focus on it for the next 2-3 weeks. I am rushing to catch him up. I know where other kids his age are, I know what he is lacking so I am in a big rush to get him closing that gap as quickly as possible. And in that rush I forget to some of the simpler things---for example--big and small, yet he is learning numbers, letters, and some colors. We will get there :)

-Some things we are focusing on right now--more complex tasks-usually we are doing single instructions-"feed the cow" when playing with farm animals. Now we are moving on to "give the apple to the cow" It's hard for him b/c he does tend to focus on the last word that was said, so we really need to work on his auditory memory. We are also starting to work on "yes/no" questions--for example, when looking at a book, asking him "is the cow wearing a hat?" "no he isn't wearing a hat" and then "is the horse wearing a hat?" "Yes the horse is wearing a hat" and similar things. I figured "yes/no" questions meant getting him to answer yes to things he wants, which in a way, it can, but it also gets him thinking further.

It's hard to know where he is regarding "thinking" as his expressive language is very simple, so he can't tell me about his day, what he had for lunch, where he would like to go, what he would like to eat, etc so we are working on getting him to express everything. I have the habit of getting him what he needs without him having to ask, so my task is to make it harder for him to get what he wants/needs, force him to ask for it. And I know this, but mommy mode comes into play and I forget/it makes my life easier to do it, so that's what I stick with. Working on breaking that habit though!

His attitude---most people don't realize how difficult Aidan can be, besides Edward and I, as well as my sister, Katie. He is usually shy around other people or much calmer. However he is starting to show his true self to his speech therapist, which can be challenging at times as he is usually such a people pleaser whereas right now, he could care less! Aidan is incredibly strong willed, which can be extremely frusturating, but I do know it will be good when he is older. It has taken me quite a while to learn how to "manage" him. At times I feel he is running the house with his temperament, but I am trying to get into the mindset that he isn't running the house, "I am just giving him what he needs to grow the way he needs to." Doesn't make it easier most times, but it helps me not lose patience with him. He must do everything himself, if you do something a particular way that he doesn't like, he will have a massive fit, so I've often felt like I've catered to him to avoid those tantrums, but the last week or so, I've been careful to "keep him happy" for the most part, and you know what? He has been a lot happier, he is just a child that needs that kind of control, and I think that's ok. I of course do not let him get his way all the time--there are definitely limits with regards to safety(running in the parking lot!), but more often than not, I've been asking myself "why am I saying no?" and if there isn't a good answer, then I do not fight his need for that control.

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