Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A word I didn't expect to hear

So the past week or so we have been working on Ling sounds with Aidan-aa, ee, mm, shh, ss, and oo. He loves Shh and turns the second I do it. We were doing mmm rather heavily today and yesterday. Today he kept going mmmm, mmm over and over! Great progress for him. And then he said it. He doesn't know what he said, but it is the word I have wanted to hear for the longest time. mmmuma. I of course know it isn't a word, he is just babbling finally. But hey, I'm going with it and soon enough it will hopefully be a full out Mama.

In other news, the speech therapist wants him to stop using sippy cups. She thinks his tongue isn't strong enough and we need to strenthen it by him learning to use straws. She explained that if he doesn't strengthen his tongue and learn to pull it back while drinking, he is going to have trouble with pronouncing certain syllables. So we are working on that. She also mentioned getting rid of the paci. Yea, I don't think that is happening. He needs that thing to go to sleep, so I am only letting him have it at nap/bedtime and he is doing good. I do plan on trying to get rid of it at 2, but I'll be ok if he still has it at 3. There is just no way I can take it away while Andrew still has his, so once his is gone, Aidan's will hopefully be as well.


Loree said...

That is fantastic. It may not have been a full momma but that does not matter. Ashleigh had her paci until she was 4. If you ask mom, she will tell you I had mine until I was 5! What we did with Ashleigh once she hit two was just give it to her to sleep or if she was sick. You do the best you can and not worry about it.

Jamie said...

Yay for mumma!!!!