Thursday, December 18, 2008

The hearing world of Aidan

Aidan is in quite the mood lately. And not a good one. He had a checkup yesterday b/c I wanted to get his ears checked before Christmas. His ear infections are gone, thanfully. So that means his moodiness must be teeth. I don't blame him, they hurt. On the hearing front, he is doing pretty good. I don't know what he is hearing, but he definitely hears us. Occasionally he will turn when I say his name. I don't think he knows his name yet, he is just hearing me say it! I have noticed he turns a lot when I say words that start with A, maybe b/c I say his name a lot :) Today he was a bear and kept pulling off his processor. So I took it off and let him have a break. What do you know, he seemed to be even more irritable with it off. I put it on 1 hour later and he calmed down. So I think he is starting to recognize that sound is GOOD.

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