Sunday, December 12, 2010

Been a while

It has been a while since I have updated. Nothing going on here besides day to day life. Aidan is doing great, talks a lot, makes his wants/needs heard in any way that he can. Is really enjoying school on the days that he goes(3 days a week)and is getting very excited for Santa Clause and Christmas. Aidan recently sang with school at the downtown gathering that kicks off the season. He got to sing Jingle Bells and is still singing it "jingle bells, jingle bells, hey!"

A few pictures

This is the picture of Aidan that I full intended to use on our Christmas card. However, I have yet to make them and don't believe I will get to them. That is the life of a busy mom of 3 children.

Aidan and his teacher and a few classmates singing Jingle Bells, Aidan is in the middle


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