Saturday, January 23, 2010

2+ words

Aidan is progressing from single words to 2+ words together. He told me to "be quiet" and covered my mouth the other day while I was singing the ABCs. Of course it was said more like 'ee why eh" We have also been working on 'I love you'. He doesn't know what it means but I am trying to teach him. He has said twice "I uh oo" right after me so hopefully one day he will get it. Some other ones are: Mommy Look, Alex school, no no Andrew, night night Andrew, and a few more that I can't think of at the moment. He has learned the word "mine" and uses it correctly most of the time. Does a ton of word approximations, imitates most anything for me, but not for others especially if he is being shy.

He has started Tech and that is going very well. He didn't say a word the first couple of visits but now he is a chatterbox and really enjoying it.

We are in the last 6 mths of speech through Early Intervention. Sometime in the next few months we will see someone from the school board? or maybe it is from the actual school Aidan will attend this coming Fall. But we will see her and she will evaluate Aidan to determine how often he will go to school-from my understanding it could be everyday but not sure if it is a full day, or it could be 2-3 days a week. It all depends on the the severity of the delay when he gets evaluated. Currently he is considered severely delayed. I am hoping that by the time August rolls around(when school starts I believe) that he will be at only a moderate delay.

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