Monday, December 7, 2009

Our November/December update

Aidan's speech has truly blossomed. In fact, since the second cochlear implant,Aidan has progressed in leaps and bounds. Still approx 1 yr behind in language but working hard to catch up.
His current list of words and remember not all of these are said clearly but they are used appropriately and he is prounouncing them a bit better:
Don't know(ohn know), Andrew, Alex(was ah but now is ah ew), Molly(was ma and is now ma ee), ho ho(for santa), Oh no(sounds similar to dont know but a subtle difference), aww man, heart, circle, star, woof woof, moo, cow, ba(only the sound, no meaning), mom, mommy, no no, mine, hot, meow, off, out, bath, milk, night night, bye bye, hi, look, all done, thank you, uh oh. Can't think of the others but there may be a few others. But that right there is 30 words!
Comprehension: He is understanding close/open the door, trash, get your diaper, give this to daddy/andrew/aidan, get a book, some body parts(hair, eyes, mouth, nose, hand, and food), some shapes(circle, star, triangle, and sometimes can get square and heart). Can also correctly identify some animals-cow, horse, monkey, cat, dog, duck, etc.

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