Friday, September 4, 2009

New stuff

Aidan is learning quite a bit and trying to say some more words. He says milk very well-doesn't enunciate the k. He tries to say more and it sounds like maah(long and drawn out) but he is signing it at the same time so I know that is what he is attempting to say. I've heard Yea, and Yay a few times, not sure if they were planned or not though, but I have definitely heard the Y sound coming out a lot more. He is getting that H sound out a lot better, which apparantly is hard to do. He says Hot(sounds about like Hah, no T sound yet), He says, eye/I(not sure he is referring to either one but he will repeat it occasionally after I say EYE), he will also say Hi and wave, sometimes he will do that one right after me, but he is stubborn and only wants to do it when he wants to. Other times he will wave to the cars going down the street and I hear "HI" I wish I could get all of these on camera but he won't perform when he sees the camera ;) Oh he also tries to say Ball, he doesn't have the B sound yet so it sounds like Ahhl(not quite an L sound though, but close)
We are working on blowing every day and he still can't blow, doesn't seem to know how, but he can exhale very strongly, so we need to figure out how to go from a strong exhale to an actual blow. We were putting cotton balls on the table for him to blow across the table but he can't blow strongly enough to move them so we have changed to blowing kleenex's and he can move those by his strong exhale and he is very proud of that! We also have a lighter that we use to light candles and he loves trying to blow that out and is doing great with that.

The signing is going very well, he knows a ton of signs and can immitate most anything, but he has trouble connecting the sign to the object, I think that will progress a ton more soon enough. In the car we will sometimes sing/sign the alphabet, esp if we are waiting in carline for Alex, and Aidan will attempt to sign t with me, he does quite well, but he also makes a sound when I say the letters as well-he of course can't say the letter correctly, but he can make a little sound with it.
He does have other sound approximations but I can't think of them at the moment. We go to New Orleans again on the 9th for his programs to be increased so he will get a higher level of sound. Oh, I have noticed him respond some with just his left ear on. That is the one that was just activated so it is the ear that has had less stimulation. But I have taken the right ear off(without him knowing-just turned it off) and then called his name and he did look at me, I also said the word MOM and he parrotted back MOM, so he is hearing with it, just very low right now. I think had I said a word he didn't already know, I would have gotten less response out of him. Oh, and this was with his back turned to me, so he didn't read my lips and guess which word/sound I was saying. So that is good there.

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