Friday, September 5, 2008

New Activation Date

I finally was able to get the audiologist from Oschners Hospital on the phone today. We are now set up for an appointment on September 15th, so 10 days away. I am really looking forward to this day but I am also dreading it. This is the day we will find out if this is going to be successful for him-so it will either be a really happy day or a really really sad day. Overall, it will be an emotional day for all of us.

I did get his Dr's bill in today. In total, he has run up a bill of $55,000. That doesn't include the next several months of adjusting the implant to get it working right, the several years of therapy he will have, or the several years of Dr's appts that are sure to follow. Thank God for Medicaid or we would be screwed and he probably would never of had this opportunity at gaining some hearing abilities.

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Shawna said...

oh good! I can't wait to read how it goes.
Holy cow, that's one expensive doctor bill! Yes, thank goodness for medicaid!