Friday, July 11, 2008

All about Aidan

Hi, I am Cassie. I am the mom of 2 boys with a 3rd boy on the way. Our soon to be middle child is Aidan, he will be one on July 12, 2008(tommorow!) Aidan was born with Auditory Neuropathy--a type of hearing loss that affects the nerves in the ears. After many tests he was diagnosed as having severe to profound hearing loss in both ears. He has never heard sound.

Aidan will be having surgery on July 21, 2008 to get a cochlear implant. Insurance only covers him getting one implant, so if it is fully successful, then we have a chance of him having 100% hearing in one ear--so an overal 50% hearing. But, it isn't likely to be 100% in one ear, probably more like 80%, could be worse, could be better, let's hope for better. We are hoping to get his other ear implanted within the next 2 years. Only downside? It is a 30, 000$ surgery, one in which we have no hopes of being able to pay for. But something that we would really like to have done so that he can gain more overall hearing and have a bigger chance at success--success in school, success in life.

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Melanie said...


Our insuranco co denied our bilateral request at first and has since denied equipment requests on the first try too. Have you put in for an appeal?