Thursday, April 14, 2011

New changes with Spring

We have had many many changes come with this Spring. Aidan has been doing very well. He seems to know everything I say unless it is a new word-which is normal for all kids. We have been focusing on his articulation a lot more since that is lower than where it needs to be. Aidan has finally fully potty trained. No more pooping in a pullup. It has been 2 weeks and he hasn't had an accident since! Very happy about that. Aidan got a new set of tubes on Wednesday(4/13) since he has had so many ear infections and lost his first set of tubes. Here's to hoping no more ear infections for him.

Aidan is really liking school as well. He is now counting up to 30(with a little help with a few numbers). He still knows all of his shapes and letters. He also knows that he is going to be 4 on his next birthday. Whenever we pick Alex up at school--the duty teacher always calls ALEX WEAVER. So Aidan and Andrew have both picked that up and are now calling themselves by their full name as well as me by "mommy weaver" and Edward by "daddy weaver."